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Sometimes, the eyes tell more of a story then the tongue....

Anyone else feel like they could have done with a little extra beauty sleep this morning??? Mondayitiis....

Thank the beauty gods for the power of makeup and skin care, that's all I'm saying.

We all know the importance of a great concealer to help with those dark under eye circles!! But I honestly if you don’t have the right skin care routine , then you can end up spending a fortune on makeup products to mask the issue, but your skin is not getting the nourishment and care it needs.

For me, the product that I saw the most significant result from, was from applying eye cream. Eye cream is often left out of many women's beauty regime but unfortunately ladies, how we treat our skin is etched on our beautiful faces as we age. So my advice would be to invest in a good quality eye cream.

The skin around the eye area is the thinnest skin on the body, and for this reason it is one of the fastest areas to age. However, a good skin care routine can help to delay the aging process, and leave you looking and feeling nineteen again (wink) .

Having a daily regime will do wonders for the skin, but its nearly more important to have a night time beauty routine. A lot of people skip the night time routine, but the skin rejuvenates itself while we sleep, so really there is no better time to apply your products to get the best results.

Around your twenties is the best time to invest in a good eye cream. It doesn’t have to be over expensive, but look for a product that is affordable, hydrating and targets problem areas, such as puffiness , dark circles, dehydration etc,

Each person is different though, and your aging process depends on your diet , genetics, skin type and lifestyle choice .However your skin changes every seven years, and around your early twenties the cream will work as more of a preventative. By the mid twenties we can already start to see the effects of aging creeping in around this area.

For my star pick, I am once again going back to one of my top skin care brands, for the Kielh’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. Anyone who has read my previous reviews will know that I am a huge lover of the Kielh’s brand. Their products are all natural and to be honest I haven’t come across one product I haven’t liked yet.

So to start, this eye cream is infused with avocado oil. And with avocado being a super food , it can only do super things to our skin right?. RIGHT...

The product is a thick, unscented, luxurious cream. You only need the tiniest bit (I mean minuscule) and this product will completely rehydrate the under eye area. After using this eye treatment your skin will feel plump and revitalised. One light dip of the tip of my baby finger covers both eyes. Using your ring finger for less pressure, twice daily, run the cream along the bone under your eye, from the inner corner to the outer corner in a dabbing motion. Then leave it settle into the skin for a few minutes.

I have been using this product now for nearly 12 months and when I say it has dramatically transformed my under eye area I do not say that lightly. I used to suffer with fine lines , dehydration and dark under eye circles. When I applied my concealer it would be amazing for the first hour and then as the day went on it would set into the creases under my eye. It didn’t matter , whether I powdered , didn’t powder , baked, whatever ,it was always the same result.

Since using this cream my dark circles have dramatically decreased, and although the fine line haven’t magical disappeared from my eyes they are a lot less visible. Also the skin around this area has been hydrated and brightened.

This Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado ,last for the whole day without feeling oily or greasy on the skin. The product also sits perfectly under makeup and is great for both a dewy finish ;because it hydrates the eye and removes fine lines and matte finish ; because and it hydrates the eye and gives a great based for a velvet finish.

One of the sale assistances at the Kiehl’s store told me that this is one of their top selling products and has one of the highest customer satisfaction rate.

Since trying out this product I have converted my mother over to using this brand. However as she has more mature skin she went Kielh's Super Multi Corrective Eye Opening Serum , that promises to 'Lift, firm, smooth, hydrate, and restore youthful shape of the eye. Skin around the eye area looks visibly firmer, lifted and skin texture looks more refined in less than one week.'

Within days my mother notice a difference around the skin under her eyes and now cannot be without this product. She also loved it so much that she has bought one for another family member.

The Kielh's creamy eye treatment is a little on the pricey side -$41 for 14ml and $75 for 28ml. But you will get a few months if not more out of the 14ml using it twice daily.

If you want to try the product but don't want to commit to buying straight away ,Kielh’s are great for giving out testers of their products. They are always a decent size too, so you can actually trial the product. So it is definitely worth asking the sales assistance if they have any samples.



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