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'I want lashes as black as my soul'

False eyelashes can do wonders to help accentuate the eyes, and weekend lashes are a perfect temporary fix that gives the illusion of longer, fuller lashes.

As the name states they are applied to last for the weekend (3 days) ,but depending on the aftercare ,they can last anything up to 5 days.

The application can take about 25-60 minutes depending on the set .

During the treatment, individual lash extensions are adhered to your natural lash with a medical grade adhesive , that is even suitable for sensitive eyes . The individuals lashes are lightweight and seamlessly blended your own lashes to create longer thicker ,lashes.

They are perfect for anyone who is going away for a few days or for bridal parties, as they add the ultimate dramatic effect without having to mess around with applying lashes yourself. The are also ideal for anyone who has problems applying false lashes , as it can often be a tricky process.

The lashes are tailored to suit the client , ranging from a natural set (below)to the full fat lash look. Half set are also available.

Price started at $20.00 for a half set and $35 for a full set, ranging upwards.



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