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Game of Thrones Season 5 Launch

Such an exciting morning for me this morning !!! As you can probably guess from my earlier facebook post I got to help out on Game of Thrones Season 5 Launch.

I am obsessed … I mean fanatical about Game of Thrones. I started watching just as I started college a few years back . It just so happened that I was studying century makeup at the time so for me it is linked to fun memories. I also am a bit of history buff and love any century and period dramas . And before you think it , I know Game of Thrones is not at all historically correct but you catch my drift.

Not only that I am a huge Film and TV fan…. I watch everything from the makeup and hair ,to the costuming, to the set … Everything. I even read up on things afterwards. Its a slight obsession I know (haha), but I just have a passion for it all ,and Game of Thrones really is unbelievable to watch.

Understandably I was over the moon to help out this morning. I had that tremendous task of dirtying up the unsullied soldiers – I mean who wouldn’t love the job of roughing up some handsome soldiers and getting to play with makeup ;)

The costuming and makeup up all looked amazing. And even though it took half the day to get they dirt off me, it was such a fun job to be part of.

Next stop is to get onto GoT Set where I could possible dirty up Jon Snow ;) #dreambig

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