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The Big Reveal

Hi Ladies, as you are all aware I have been in Ireland now on a little holiday the last couple of weeks. The weather has been fab here and I have been enjoying spending my days soaking it up family and friends.

The purpose of my trip home was to attend my friends wedding last weekend. We had a great day and the bride looked absolutely flawless. This then had me thinking that I should do a post with beauty tips for your big day which I will do over the coming weeks.

Anyway onto the reveal.... Since studying makeup a few years ago I know the impact that a great brow has. It can completely transform any face , drawing the eye upwards creating the illusion of a eye lift.

I am sure you are all aware how filling in your brow can enhance your features but like anything the style depends on the person. For me I prefer more of a natural brow that is slightly defined but more groomed then anything. But the one thing that remains the same is the better the base the better the end result will be. And although makeup can be amazing you just can't beat having the perfect base.For this reason I have been really interested in training as a brow specialist.

For months I researched every type of brow shaping course available and the same name kept creeping up... HD Brows. This treatment is fairly new to the Australian market but has been creating a buzz around Europe for a few years.

For me, I thought that this treatment was all about creating very defined brows however after seeing friends result and looking into the brand further I discover that this treatment is all about creating and tailoring a bespoke brow that is suited for each individual client.

The training only takes places in the UK and Northern Ireland , so while I was home I decided to travel to Newry and train with one of the most renowned and luxurious Brow styling brands. And let me tell you I couldn't be happier ... I learned so much over the course of the training and cant wait to get going with the HD Brows.

Keep an eye out for my post about HD Brow treatment coming soon.

So there you have it my big reveal ... I am now a HD Brows Stylist YAAY!!

Pam xx

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