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Life's to Short .... Wear the Lipstick

Last weekend I just couldn’t seem to shake the tiredness. I was feeling so lazy for the whole weekend. This was also that the case when it came to applying my makeup. So the weekends saving grace was opting for a bold lip. Both Saturday night and Sunday I decided on a quick effortless makeup and themed it with a coloured lip.

I do have a slight obsession with lipsticks. For me it is the fairy godmother of the makeup world. I think that it can really just transform an everyday basic makeup into the Cinderella of makeup.

The thing with lipstick is, people are often worried about wearing it. The whole experince can be very daunting for some ..... so I decided I would pass on my top tips for sporting that bold lip:

  • First and foremost wearing lipstick is all about confidence and feeling comfortable. Before I started Makeup College I rarely wore lipstick. When I first starting applying I left like I was on show...But the more I wore it the more confident I became with it and within a few weeks I was wearing deep plums, bright oranges and even the iconic red.

  • Start off by slowly introducing colour into your pallet. Maybe first try something like the cubby lip pencil or lip stains as these tend to be a lighter product that just stains the lips. Once you have built up your confidence you can go a couple shades out of your comfort zone or even try a more opaque or matte lipstick.

  • Like any makeup, wearing and buying lipstick is all about trial and error. Obviously with Makeup College I had more access to all type of lipsticks and colours, but my advice for you would be to maybe start with a cheaper brand before you splashing out the money for a lipstick. A close friend and client of mine a few years told me she wanted to start wearing lipstick but didn’t know where to begin. I told her to go to priceline a pick up some cheaper lipsticks instead of jumping in head first and wasting money. You would rarely see her now without something on her lips. Rimmel do amazing lipsticks and their pigments are pretty decent. So start with something like this and then once you find what you like you can always treat yourself to the more expensive brands.

  • Every season there are colours that come in and out of fashion but the most important tip is to wear a shade that suit your skin tone. So buy shades or colours that will work well with your colouring. If you are unsure you can always ask a beauty consultant. They should be able to tell you what colours will suit you. Go to any makeup counter or beauty store, I’m sure they will be more than happy to help.

  • The next step is applying your lipstick-First thing is to apply to apply some lip balm such as pawpaw ointment or Elizabeth Arden 8 hours cream to your lips when you are applying your facial moisturiser. Allow the product to soak in to your lips while you are doing the rest of your makeup.

  • Unfortunately we are not all blessed with Angelina Jolie lips but if you are opting for the ‘Im wearing lipstick look’ you will need to make sure you line your lips. The key here is to slightly draw outside the lip line with a pencil in a similar shade to your lipstick or maybe one shade darker. When lining the lips do a little at a time – start with the cupids bow, then under the bottom lip, the corners of the mouth and then join the dots (draw the in between). To add fullness to the lips draw straight across your cupids bow this will add volume to the top lip. Another tip is to tilt you head up when you are applying pencil to the bottom lip to make sure you get right under and don’t miss a inch of the lip. Try and round off your lips with the lip pencil for a softer more fuller look... basically don’t have any sharp edges around the cupid’s bow, draw a more rounded shape.

  • Next and a very important step is to make sure to blend the liner into the lip, although the 90s did make a comeback we have come a long way from the obvious liner look.

  • After this, apply your lip colour- then use a little brush to run along the lip line to prefect the lip. If you have gone outside the lip you can always clean it up with a cue tip and then take some concealer on a tiny stiff brush a run it outside the lip.

  • For a stain lip just push your lips together like you are going in for a kiss and using your thumb dab the colour on and off the lip and repeat until you have the intensity and look you want.

I know you can feel like the whole world is looking at you when you wear lipstick for the first few times, but this will pass. Once you get used to it there will be no going back. So take the plunge and cross over to the dark side ....I promise you will be hooked within a few weeks.

Pam xx

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